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"It really *is* a DOG EAT DOG world out there; and you, my friend, start out as a small puppy, in a world full of BIG HUNGRY DOGS" *

PROJECT: Empirical Findability Study 1: eBay's Best Match now seeking volunteers.
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Click here to download an Excel Spreadsheet which will show you just how fast your DSR ratings can go down, and why it's pointless to chase after so-called Powerseller "discounts".


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The Slow Death of eBay, live!

Here is where you can get the straight dope on eBay as well as tips and tricks to staying alive online. No nonsense, no bullshit, just the bare facts presented in common man's terms. Learn the tricks and tactics that can make or break your business. Whether your a buyer or a seller, the information that you'll see will come in handy.  This is the stuff they don't teach in school, the stuff that only experience can get you. These videos can help you come up with some unique solutions to problem, by giving you a new way of seeing things. Some mild adult language.  (If I had an MPA rating, I would be PG-13).

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Still deciding how I should organize videos. It's a challenge. Working on it. Suggestions Welcome. 

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Shilling 102 - Advanced Shilling


Shipping October 31st (Yes on Halloween) - The Pirate's Definitive Guide to Getting (and Staying) Back on eBay.

It's Hi-Def. It's on DVD. No bull. Techniques proven to get you back to selling and making money. Yes, it's not the cheapest, but how much are you losing every day that your not back?  Ships Priority Mail, Signature Required! Offered on pre-sale for half-off until November 1st. 

The Pirate's Definitive Guide to Getting (and Staying) Back on eBay. (DVD 2008)

$99.95 Pre-sale Special Price Until 11/1/08 $49.95



Theme is Ft. Minor , "Remember the Name". It's a great song about how hard it is to make it in the music business (and it applies to online business especially well). It's only a buck, so download it today, thanks!

I'm looking for web designer, my art skills SUCK. So if you want to get some exposure and/or some practice, drop me an email via here.



*I'm quoting someone, I can't for the life of me remember the guys name, but it will come to me eventually.

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